Blade Runner 1982 Convention Reel

With news of Ridley Scott planning to re-visit the world of Blade Runner, the web is abuzz with geeking out (both positive and negative). Many are asking the question: why would Ridley want to try to go back and mess with something that’s so unique and has such a strong legacy in the world of film? At this point noone knows for sure if it will be a remake, a prequel or a sequel. We’ll have to wait to find out for sure. I guess in the end it’s better that he is the one taking it on rather than some goofy filmmaker fresh out of school right?

We’re of course huge fans of Blade Runner here at FC and know many of our readers are too. So we’ve dug up a cool making of featurette from 1982 which was screened at film conventions to give people an idea of what the project was all about. Featuring interviews with Ridley Scott, Douglas Trumbull and Syd Mead.



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