Best of 2014: Trailer of The Year

Cutting a movie trailer is real art. Not many have mastered this art of teasing, creating anticipation, conveying a sense of an upcoming motion picture while not giving too much away, yet creating curiosity. Trailers are also an extreme technical challenge in terms of editing and sound arrangement. Here at Furious Cinema we are huge fans of amazing trailers, and so one category of our “best of 2014” series is the achievement award for most furious trailer.

This year, the trailer that blew us away the most appeared rather late, and we are happy that outside the online realm we were also lucky enough to have caught it playing in a high quality auditorium of a multiplex theater. It is also hardly surprising that the movie in question is MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

Mad Max Fury Road

Even more so than the previously published ComiCon footage teaser (click here to watch it on YouTube), the new teaser trailer is an absolute hit on all fronts. It is epic, full of action, shows off great craftsmanship and also drums up a feeling of anticipation for George Miller‘s next masterpiece. Decades after Mad Max, we’re certainly ready for Fury Road.

The first thing that viewers notice is top notch sound editing. From the roaring engines to grand explosions, this trailer getsĀ  you going. What is even more signature is the use of classic orchestral music, various degrees of muting sounds to fast intercutting of action. This trailer comes at you like nothing you’ve ever heard, and if it is only some indication of what is to come, the movie should be up for all sorts of awards for sound editing.

Similarly, it just looks amazing. Insiders will know how little George Miller relies on computer effects, at least on a basic filming level, and along with the wide scopes, the impressive landscapes and beautiful color composition, the resulting images (even though at some point they do look touched up heavily in the scenes where the action just gets way out of hand) are mind blowing. The fireworks in the beginning, the looming sand storms, Mad Max: Fury Road will be a feast.

Mad Max Fury Road

We are looking forward to George Miller’s next like few other films to come out next year, and the trailer is certainly testament to the work and love that has gone into this project that has been in development for many years now.

Without further ado (no idea what’s up with all these studios, but the video is clearly not HD, but make sure to full-screen it and turn up the volume):



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