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Furious Greats from 5 Horror Subgenres

Horror is a broad genre to say the least. That’s because there are a lot of different things that scare peoples’ socks off. If...

World War Z Brad Pitt

World War Z

Marc Forster certainly believes in bad luck. In “World War Z” (2013), Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is stuck with his family in gridlocked Philadelphian...

Peur sur la ville

Furious Belmondo: Peur sur la ville

Today many fans think this is one of Jean-Paul Belmondo‘s finest action vehicles, but it wasn’t particularly popular when first released; it did well...


Moonshine and Mayhem: LAWLESS

If I have learned one thing at the movies this summer, I have learned that Tom Hardy is one scary man. I think if...


CRIMEWATCH: The Man From Nowhere

Korea is the new Hong Kong.
 Not geographically as that would take a trick of Copperfield-ean proportions but when it comes to making kick...