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  1. Peter, our family has loved Vincent Price in general and THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES in particular. (He was even nice enough to give us a quickie film review a while back!) Your review was great fun, with memorable screen-grabs and your fun facts. Great job and Happy Halloween just around the corner!

    • Peter Peter says:

      Thanks Dorian! I’m a huge Vincent Price fan (as are most film fans I talk to) so this was a pleasure to write. I hope you have a Happy Halloween too! cheers!

  2. This is one of my favorite Price films, both for its fabulous set design (which seems to mix the 20s and the 60s to wonderfully garish effect) and for Price’s wittily macabre performance (such as the deadpan bit when he pours his drink into his neck). I think my favorite ‘victim’ was Terry-Thomas, who played his part with a droll sense of irony; he seems almost curious about what’s happening to him. It is a shame that the series wasn’t continued; Phibes was a rich character.

  3. Nitrate Diva says:

    What a delightful review of a delightful movie! As a fellow “Phibes Phan,” I particularly appreciated the abundance of great trivia you dug up, which gives me lots of food for thought. I also love your description of the “humor, heartbreak and horror” that Price brings to the role. His performance is so much of what makes this charmingly cruel genre hybrid work.

    Thanks for participating in the blogathon!

  4. Le says:

    For sure, Doctor Phibes is Price’s most famous character! The scenario in this film is breathtaking, and thanks for teaching me that Price memorized all the lines on the script, it’s a new information to me!
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! :)

  5. Great post! Dr. Phibes, to me, is one of Vincent’s best performances, along with Matthew Hopkins. I also enjoyed his performance as Dr. Goldfoot. The Abominable Dr. Phibes was a gorgeous film, full of color and a great soundtrack. I also loved the fact that Vincent never moved his lips to speak, that he had to rely on his “voice box”. I thought that was a really neat idea for the movie. And not to mention, there are some awesome death scenes in this movie. Like the frog scene, the unicorn statue, the car scene or the airplane. As a fan of fashion, I also loved Vulnavia’s costumes, and even the outfits worn by Phibes. I just remember being drawn in by the overall look of the film, not to mention Price’s amazing talent for acting. The décor is over the top, but I loved it! Thanks for the awesome trivia…it’s nice to learn new things about Vincent and the movie!

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