The Great Imaginary Film Blogathon: THE WIZARD



Editor-In-Chief of The Deuce: Grindhouse Cinema Database/Furious Cinema contributor. Pete is a rabid movie geek who enjoys everything from wild n' crazy exploitation/cult flix to big budget mainstream classics. His other interests include: graphic design, cartooning and music.

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9 Responses

  1. Hamlette says:

    Intriguing! I must admit I’ve never seen Taxi Driver, but I think I would rather watch this than it!

  2. Very cool. Sounds like a film that my dad would have loved, but would have given me nightmares if I saw it as a teen. Well done!

    • Peter Peter says:

      Hamlette: You should see Taxi Driver asap, its a Scorsese classic! cheers

      Patricia: haha it really would’ve given you nightmares? wow! and its not even horror. much thanks for your reply! :)

  3. Amy says:

    Sounds like it would have been a great movie. I like your supporting cast, especially Arnold Stang.

  4. Rick says:

    Very clever idea and I love the 1970s cast, especially Arnold Stang and Karen Black.

  5. Arnold Stang as “Bugs”…I like that. Sounds like a great film to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Great idea!

  6. Le says:

    Considering how much I like films about crime and gangsters, this would easily become a must-see for me. I believe Peter Boyle would have had a great turn in his career if this film was real. Very good idea!
    Don’t forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! :)

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