CRIMEWATCH: One False Move



Editor-In-Chief of The Deuce: Grindhouse Cinema Database/Furious Cinema contributor. Pete is a rabid movie geek who enjoys everything from wild n' crazy exploitation/cult flix to big budget mainstream classics. His other interests include: graphic design, cartooning and music.

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2 Responses

  1. le0pard13 says:

    One of my favorite Carl Franklin films. It does have a stellar script by Billy Bob, as you mentioned. The story really builds throughout and delivers ever so well by the conclusion, in keeping with its neo noir roots. Fine post,

  2. dude the cleaner says:

    great flix I had to see it again. Got to hand it to the director Carl Franklin after the movie came out hollywood knock on his door and wanted him to directed a big budget film He said no He like to make independent films because they let him do what he want to do. with big budget film it is their movie and they will tell you how to shoot it. Nice going carl. I saw this film 3 times and I still love it.

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