The Django Unchained Primer



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23 Responses

  1. J Krall says:

    Tarantino and Spaghetti Western fans might be into this, my bizarro Spaghetti Western novel

    It was reviewed by the Spaghetti Western Database here…

  2. Can’t wait for this film to come out. Tarantino always gets it right. And knowing how he loves spaghetti westerns, I can’t help but expect the epic-est movie of the year.

  3. StuckonGlue says:

    Always gets it right?  I’m a fan definitely, but Four Rooms?  Death Proof?  Shitty dialogue and editing and acting in Inglourious Basterds?  His notoriously bad acting?  His last really great film is Kill Bill.  He’s guilty of boring me on several occasions on his last two, something he’s not known for, like him or not.  

    • RocketRaccoon says:

      I would argue that Death Proof was at least fun at times. And his segment in Four Rooms was the best but that’s basically a case of being the tallest dwarf. I agree with Kill Bill being his last great movie and perhaps his best movie to date. This new one has some potential just because he seems to be drifting out of his wheelhouse, although that didn’t work out to well for him with Inglourious Basterds, not in my eyes anyway. ‘
      Tarantino always gets it right’ seems to be a case of his fans looking at the work with rose coloured glasses. 

      • I loved Death Proof.

      • Mynuts68 says:

        I agree that death proof was fun at times.i think he really missed a golden opportunity to capitalize on an original idea with that ultimately flawed film.instead of all that senseless babbling from his actors, he should have been building on the horror flick theme he chose.inglorious basterds was good until the third act.

    • Fred says:

      ‘Shitty’ dialogue that still ended up getting nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay?  ‘Shitty’ editing that got numerous accolades for a brilliant woman (who is no longer with us, so maybe show some respect?).

      Who cares about his acting?  He’s not an actor and he seems to have gotten out of the habit besides showing up to have fun once in a while in one of his films.

      Inglourious hasn’t aged as well as Pulp Fiction but it deserves all the respect, and box office, it got.  You know you’re going to see Django and you just wanted to pick a fight, so get over yourself.

  4. Shawn says:

    Tarantino himself selected Passion Plantation to be shown at the New Bev earlier this year.

  5. Mynuts68 says:

    tarantino has put out some good films, none I would call great.he has directed many scenes I would call the scene between robert forster and samuel l jackson outside max cherry’s office in the third act of jackie brown.the scene leading up to the shootout in the tavern from inglorious basterds was stellar.the man’s films are too derivative and pretentious for their own good.tarantino gets all the hype, while MUCH better directors, like fincher,nolan and soderberg put out truly great films.i loathe jamie foxx,but,i will see django unchained.

    • I guess it’s more a question of opinion than anything else. I love all of his movies and feel he always makes them with passion. His passion for cinema is undeniable and it’s present in all of his movies. Some of you may disagree with they being all great works of art, but that’s really what I feel, and that’s surely what I expect from Django Unchained.
      Are they all perfect? No, but I still enjoy them very much.

      • Peter Peter says:

        also when youre writing/directing original material like QT does it makes you stand apart from most filmmakers who mostly do adaptations/remakes etc. They are ALL (not counting Jackie) from his mind which makes it much more unique. When you watch a QT film you know its his. Whether or not you like his kind of cinema, you cant deny he’s a true auteur and an ambitious artist as well. Django U sounds like it will be one of his best stories.

  6. Vejnovich says:

    When you say “next December,” you don’t really mean 12/2013, do you? Can’t really be anywhere near that long, can it?

  7. Grandpa Bunche says:

    One minor correction: In Drum, the title character is not related to Mede from Mandingo. He’s the son of Tamboura, an enslaved African king who is sold to a French madame at a New Orleans whorehouse. Drum is the result of their forbidden romance and he is eventually sold to Hammond Maxwell, the protagonist of Mandingo, and groomed for pretty much the same fighting slave role occupied by Mede in the first film. The confusion over this is probably not helped by Mede and Drum both having been played by Ken Norton.

  8. I think Hannie Caulder should be on this list. Not a black western, but the Christoph Waltz character in Django Unchained definitely seems to be channeling some of Robert Culp’s Thomas Luther Price.

    • Peter Peter says:

      Id completely agree with that. I’ll add it. It was also an influence on Kill Bill. The female revenge aspect, Chris Lee’s gunmaker –> Hattori Hanzos swordmaker.

  9. H bomb says:

    alex haley wrote roots…who is arthur haley?

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