10 Awesome Special Forces Movies



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  1. Snakebite1812 says:

    Almost all of these movies would be classified as special operations forces. Only the U.S. Army Green Berets wear the Special Forces tab on their shoulder. Most of the media and civilian population assume that seals and every other “shooter” are Special Forces. 

  2. Trippinmarlin says:

    my fav. is the finest hour..totally under rated and hard to find

  3. Rickanthony2 says:

    Who dares wins AKA Final Option is a treat: a moderate pace but the ending action looks spot on given the time period. You can watch at netflixs watch me now.

  4. miltary wave says:

    The raid : redemption…is kick ass

  5. Apple says:

    Troupe de elite is one the best I have seen. Both 1st & 2nd part are treat to watch. Though I don’t understand Portuguese, even watching with subtitles kept me glued to the movie. Strongly recommened

  6. Bravo Two Zero about a britt. sas mission

  7. samson107 says:

    theres a great film called Special Forces, best one iv seen

  8. acir says:

    latest one should be ‘act of valor’; the french ‘special forces’ is ok, but i hate the part that they got lame while passing thru the village where a member got sniped. just thought that it does’nt do justice to any special force unit. what was the sniper doing leaving behind his rifle and gears in the middle of nowhere? and why did the team played ball while under pursuit by the enemy?

    you might wanna check out that very few black ops scene from ‘clear and present danger’. the insertion, the ops itself… i’m addicted to those until today. ding chavez (rainbow 6) the man!!

    • Sebastian says:

      I liked the french “Special Forces” movie a lot actually, but wrote this article almost a year before

  9. recce says:

    Act of valor, period

    • Sebastian says:

      I thought that was an exciting movie considering it was made with real SEALs but overall it was a shallow, pathetic and overly patriotic-sentimental piece of propaganda….

  10. Jack Deth says:

    Definitely ‘Blackhawk Down’, ‘Bravo Two Zero’ and ‘Who Dares Wins’!

    Honorable Mentions: ‘The Great Raid’ and ‘Act of Valor’.

  11. BB53 says:

    “GI Jane” was a tremendous disappointment. It has some good parts, but I was expecting so much more from Ridley Scott than a generic “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar” piece. I mean, this is the guy who made the enormously stylish and entertaining “Thelma and Louise” and “Black Rain”.
    And “Delta Force 2″ was much better than “Delta Force”, despite the absence of Lee Marvin. Norris was in the best shape of his life for that movie.

    • Peter Peter says:

      I liked GI Jane a lot. It was just as good as Thelma and Louise imo. Basically Demi Moore is doing the same thing in the Navy as those two women did as outlaws on the run. What did you expect beyond that? More real war scenes etc? It might’ve been light on that stuff but it was supposed to primarily be about her going through SEALS training and I thought that was really well done and fun to watch.

  12. Tom says:

    The list can’t be any better than the available movies, and the US stuff is not too good. Think Green Berets with john wayne as a standard setter. :)

    There are a ton of WWII movies that have to do with commando operations, any one of which could stand in this company.

    Inglorious Bastards had a nominal special operations aspect. Though like a lot of QT stuff it has good scenes, not much overall.

    I guess in a non-US vein Enemy at the Gates is SO sniper wise.

    Another good film that is well known and US director, but not set in the US is Cross of iron by Peckinpah. I suspect those were supposed to be conventional forces, but they were raiding behind the Russian lines, so they deserve a pass I’m thinking.

  13. dj says:

    You totally forgot to mention the Army Rangers in black hawk down who are actually a Special Operations force. And for the record, Civilian SWAT teams are not special ops, they are special weapons and tactics teams, hence the term SWAT.

  14. Trevor says:

    Very good.

  15. you idiots! says:

    HOW ABOUT THE OBJECTIVE, SNIPER, SHOOTER, 2 GUNS (sorta), 9th Company, Intimate Enemies (French SOF film like Forces Especiales) and like fifteen other MORE relevant films you totally missed

    • Peter Peter says:

      Yep the title is 10 AWESOME SPECIAL FORCES MOVIES. Not EVERY SPECIAL FORCES MOVIE EVER MADE. Also this is only one persons choices. They may not have seen the ones you mentioned or might not even like them.

  16. Alex Davis says:

    You fucking idiot, black hawk down was Army Rangers not Delta.

  17. kev mac says:

    “The Hunted” (2003) is definitely the craziest special forces movie ive ever seen, although most of the movie is just about one soldier gone rogue stalking hunters in the wilderness. I highly recommend this movie!

  18. cousse says:

    Does anyone know of a movie i saw in the 90′s. It had a seen where someone put weights on a dudes feet , and he had to get them off at the bottom of the pool . Then they put a scorpion in one shoe and he or she had to pick the right one. Its driving me nuts might be an 80′s movie.

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